Hi there. I’m Jen. I design nursery prints and kids décor that you actually want to display in your house! My focus is on creating art that reflects the diverse interests of girls. No princesses or kittens here – instead you’ll find dinosaurs and diggers, soccer balls and rocket ships, all designed with a modern refined aesthetic that both you and your daughter will love.

When I found out I was pregnant with twin girls in the summer of 2013, I was thrilled to get to work designing their nursery. I wanted to find artwork that would inspire them to be strong, smart and confident as they grew, but most of the products available encouraged them to be “cute like mommy” rather than inspiring their individuality.

As my daughters approached their 3rd birthday they developed an intense interest in dinosaurs. Determined to throw them a dinosaur themed birthday party, I searched everywhere, online and off, for dinosaur party supplies in the feminine colors and design that they loved. Finding nothing that matched the theme and aesthetic I was looking for, I decided to design their party supplies myself. I started with their birthday invitations and never looked back.

Since designing those invitations, I’ve created dozens of art prints that depict subjects my daughters, and other little girls, are actually interested in. We still have dinosaurs, of course, but also have product lines focused on sports, tools, construction, cars, airplanes, outer space and more! Each print incorporates a beautiful color palette and modern, sophisticated design that will complement your home’s style and inspire your daughter for years to come.

I’d love to hear what your little girl is interested in! Drop me a line at jen@flipthesciptstudios.com and let me know. She just might inspire our next product line!