2023 Nursery Trends: 7 New Ideas in Nursery Design

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Baby due in 2023? Congratulations! Between prenatal checkups and parenting classes, planning the perfect nursery may seem a little daunting. But decorating a nursery can be a fun way to express your personality and all your hopes for your future little one! Read on for the top nursery trends for 2023.


Lavender Nurseries

While a classic pink nursery will never go out of style, a cooler color is adorning the trendiest nurseries this year. Lavender color schemes create a calm and cheerful atmosphere. You’ll find these light purple nursery decor options on products ranging from crib sheets to curtains and rugs to wall art. Combine with white and light wood for a soothing pastel aesthetic.


Green Color Schemes

Whether you prefer deep pine, bright chartreuse, or soft seafoam, all shades of green are trending in nursery design this year. They pair perfectly with the nature themes and natural materials that are popular right now, and they are a great color scheme option for a gender neutral nursery – yet another 2023 nursery trend.


Gender Neutral Spaces

Many of today’s nurseries are using neutral colors, wood tones and lots of texture to create a beautiful environment for baby, regardless of gender. The best part of a gender-neutral nursery? It’s a versatile look that can be passed down to a younger sibling one day or transition with baby as they grow.


Sustainability & Natural Materials

As awareness of the importance of sustainability grows, many parents are choosing to decorate their nurseries with natural materials. Wicker baskets, wooden furniture and organic cotton sheets and blankets are a great way to incorporate this concept. But don’t forget about kid-friendly plants, dried flowers, and pampas grass that can bring the outdoors in.


Nature Themes

Nature themed nurseries continue to trend in 2023. Animals are always a hit with kids, so jungle and ocean themed rooms are a great choice. But botanical motifs like mushrooms and ferns are quickly gaining traction, offering a more subtle way to celebrate the beauty of the great outdoors.



After years of minimal and mid-century design trends, maximalism is finally making a comeback. More is more with this style, which calls for lots of color, texture and pattern. Furniture and decor feature intricate details and ornamentation that make a piece look unique and often vintage. The great thing about a maximalist nursery is that you don’t have to worry about everything coordinating perfectly – just fill it with things you love and let your personality shine through.


Curved Shapes

In keeping with the maximalist style, we’re seeing a move away from all the clean, straight lines of the past decade in favor of more curves and abstract shapes. Rounded furniture is having a moment – think cribs, dressers, and chairs. Looking for less commitment? Abstract art is an easy way to adopt this trend. Search Etsy to shop a huge collection of abstract artwork from independent artists.


There you have it! Our top trends for nurseries in 2023. Whether you’re looking for a classic design or a contemporary twist, I hope these trends inspire some new ideas that make your nursery the perfect place for you and your baby. 

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