Your daughter deserves to be surrounded by images that empower and inspire her.

Every day, our daughters receive messages about what they can and can't do, what they should and shouldn't like, and what they are or aren't able to become. All too often, those messages are limiting ones. They tell our girls that they have to conform in order to thrive. As parents, we have the power to flip the script on gender stereotypes.

At Flip The Script Studios, we believe: 

Flip The Script Studios beliefs

The Flip The Script Story

Woman in pink dress with two young girls sitting on a beach.Hi there! I’m Jen. When I found out I was pregnant with twin girls in the summer of 2013, I was thrilled to get to work designing their nursery. I wanted to find artwork that would inspire them to be strong, smart and confident as they grew, but most of the products available encouraged them to be “cute like mommy” rather than inspiring their individuality. I was frustrated, but shrugged it off and dove into the busyness of new motherhood.

But as my daughters approached their 3rd birthday they developed an intense interest in dinosaurs. Determined to throw them a dinosaur themed birthday party, I searched everywhere, online and off, for dinosaur party supplies in the feminine colors and style that they loved. Finding nothing that matched the theme and aesthetic we were looking for, I decided to design their party supplies myself. I started with their birthday invitations and never looked back.

Designing those invitations gave me the confidence to do what had been in the back of my mind since I discovered I was having daughters - to start a company creating products that reflect the real, diverse interests of girls. I still have dinosaur designs, of course, but I've also created collections focused on sports, science and more! Each design incorporates an empowering image and/or text meant to inspire your daughter to reach for her dreams.

I’d love to hear what your little girl is interested in! Drop me a line at and let me know. She just might inspire our next collection!