The Best Frames For Nurseries And Kids' Rooms

So you’ve found the perfect artwork for your nursery or child’s room - congratulations! Now it's time to pick a frame. The number of options available online can be overwhelming, so I've rounded up my top picks below.

When choosing picture frames, it’s important to consider both the artwork to be framed and the overall look and style of the room. You want to choose an option that highlights the art while still coordinating with the rest of your decor. Read on to discover the options that I recommend over and over again to my customers.

White Frames

4 colorful dinosaur art prints in white frames

White frames are a classic choice for their versatility and chic style. They are a great option when you want your artwork to stand out without the frame competing for attention. They are my favorite frames for colorful artwork or for pieces that will be hung on a non-neutral wall (like the light pink wall, above).

Recommended White Frames:

- I have these white frames from Michaels hanging in my daughter's nursery. The quality is great and the price point is even better. I like that the molding gives it a more unique look than a regular flat frame.
- If you’re drawn to more of a clean, modern look, these flat frames from Target are another great option.

    Wood Frames

    Rocket and shooting star art print in wood frames

    Choose a wood frame when you want to give the room more of a natural, earthy look. Wood frames are a versatile option that bring warmth to a room. This makes them a particularly great choice if you’re working with all white walls, which can otherwise feel cold and sterile. Don’t worry about perfectly matching your wood frames to the other wood finishes in the room. As long as they’re in the same tonal family (light, medium or dark) they will coordinate well.

    Recommended Wood Frames:

    - These natural wood frames have a beautiful grain to the wood. They also come in larger sizes to accommodate a statement piece of art.
    - These birch wood-look frames are a perennial favorite. They are a staple of the simple, Scandinavian design that Ikea is known for.

      Gold Frames

      Travel themed kids' room

      When you want something that adds a little more energy and luxury to a room, gold frames are the answer. The warm tone of a gold frame coordinates well with white finishes, light wood and rattan, all of which are very on trend. Just be sure to keep the frame width thin to avoid it looking overly gaudy.

      Recommended Gold Frames:

      These thin frames have the perfect brushed gold tone that looks sophisticated without being overly shiny.
      - Or try these textured gold frames to add even a little more glitz to the gilded look.

        Silver Frames

        Camping artwork in nursery with white crib

        Silver frames are a great way to create a clean, minimal look that still conveys a bit of glamour. Keep the look subtle with with gray walls and furnishings (as in the picture above) or help the frames stand out with a deeper wall color. Silver frames are a particularly good option for black and white prints or artwork with gray tones.

        Recommended Silver Frames:

        - These silver frames from Ikea have a thin border that adds just a touch of shine to your decor. The included mat means that you can use them for either 5x7 or 8x10 inch prints.
        - Target also has a great silver frame option with a shinier finish and rounded edge.

          The frame you choose has a huge impact on overall look of your artwork and how it fits with the rest of your room. I hope this article has given you some ideas about how to select the best frame for your space, as well as some concrete product recommendations to help with your search.



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