Your style is Bold and Bright! For you, a nursery should be fun, playful, and full of childlike wonder. This look features vibrant colors, maximalist prints and patterns, and messages and themes that inspire your little one to seek adventure.

Key Elements

Start With Bright

Choose bold shades like the rainbow-colored room above or pick your favorite 2-3 hues and repeat throughout the room. High contrast colors have the added benefit of stimulating baby's development.

Ornate Details

Classic style is all about the details. Choose furniture and accessories with curved lines, tufting and interesting shapes.

Add In White

Make those bright colors pop by balancing them with crisp white furniture. This will also ensure that the room can grow with your child as they develop their own tastes and preferences.

Playful Accents

Pick accessories and decor with fun images and messages to inspire your child's imagination. The adventure-themed wall art, Play All Day rug, and tree bookshelf above are just a few examples.

More Bold and Bright Ideas