Art Size Guide for Nurseries and Kids' Rooms

Once you’ve chosen the artwork for your child’s room, the next step is deciding which size to order. Even if you painstakingly measure the room, it can be difficult to visualize what each size will look like in comparison to furniture, wall space, etc.

But don’t worry! We’ve got real pictures of artwork in every size along with advice on when to select each size. And don’t miss the image showing all the sizes together on a wall for comparison with furniture for size reference.

Small Scale Art (5x7 inches)

5x7 artwork is perfect for small spaces. They are great to prop on shelves, bookcases, or desks where there is limited room for décor.

But be careful with hanging 5x7 art on a wall. A large expanse of wall space can easily dwarf a small frame, throwing off the proportions and taking the emphasis off the decor. Consider hanging multiple frames in a gallery wall arrangement instead.

Shelf with plant and globe art print

(Wanderlust art print)

Medium Scale Art (8x10 inches)

8x10 is a very versatile size for artwork. It’s large enough for a single print to make an impact (especially if it’s framed with a mat), but it’s still small enough to sit on a desk or dresser.

They are also a great size for smaller rooms like nurseries. Hanging 4 or 6 8x10 prints in a grid layout is one of my favorite ways to display artwork above a crib or dresser.

Pink science artwork on desk

(Blush Floral Science art print)

camping art prints on gray wall

(Great Outdoors art prints)

Large Scale Art (11x14 inches)

11x14 prints are my personal favorite! People often underestimate the size of artwork they need, and they feel hesitant to go with a larger size like 11x14. But it’s amazing how those few extra inches can really make a room look professionally styled. The artwork just makes more of an impact on this scale.

I particularly like 11x14 prints displayed above full size (shown here) and larger beds. Thin modern frames that allow the art to be the star of the show.

The only place where these larger frames typically don’t work is propped on surfaces like shelves or desks. They just take up too much surface area to be practical and look right.

Travel prints on wall above bed

(Blooming Globetrotter art prints)

Extra-Large Scale Art (16x20 inches +)

If you’ve got a large space to fill, consider going with an extra-large print like 16x20 or more. Display one image on its own for an art gallery feel or try a set of prints if you’ve got a big space to cover. Keep the frames and mats (if any) simple to avoid it looking gaudy.

At Flip The Script, our standard sizes go up to 11x14, but we happily do custom sizes all the way up to 24x36. The image below is a set of 16x20 prints with thin mats and Ikea frames.

3 rainbow dinosaur prints above crib

(Rainbow Floral Dinosaur art prints)

Size Comparison

Sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand words. This mockup shows all 4 sizes accurately displayed in proportion to one another and to a standard size (55”) crib.

Art size comparison in nursery

(Floral Science art prints)

Other Points To Consider

Now that we’ve covered the main art print sizes and the pros and cons of each, let’s look at a few additional considerations that can have a big effect on the final look of the artwork.


To mat or not to mat? It’s an important question. Adding a mat is a great way increase the size of the artwork. A standard size mat is between 2 and 4 inches on all sides, so an 8x10 print can easily become an 11x14 or even a 16x20 piece with a mat and frame. So, if you find that the artwork you purchased is just a bit too small, just add a mat to achieve the size you want.

Explore More floral globe art print

(Explore More Floral Globe art print)


Frames are another important consideration when displaying artwork. Most standard frames are about 1 inch in width, but you can achieve a more traditional look with a larger more intricate frame. Or go ultra-modern with a thin metal frame.

Looking for more information on the best frames? Check out my extensive post covering several frame styles with links to my favorite items.

Gallery Walls

Gallery walls are a great way to make an impact and fill a large expanse of wall space. You can do a simple grid pattern with frames all frames of the same size or you can use a more free-flowing approach. Combine prints of various sizes and even frames in a variety of colors to create a unique gallery wall that’s 100% you.

Nursery with gallery wall art

Choosing the best artwork size for your space is an important decision. Too many people just wing it and end up with decor that is out of scale compared to the rest of the room. Hopefully, this guide has prepared you to make an informed decision so that you can achieve just the right look for your child’s room. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me any time.



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